The DevSecOps Company

HYSN Technologies Inc is an Information Security Services Company, established in the year 2017. We provide Vulnerability Assessment, penetration testing and help clients by embedding security as part of SDLC through Threat Modelling, Code Review, and DevSecOps. We have helped organizations in minimizing their risks via comprehensive risk management approaches.


DevOps Security

We build security in as part of the CI/CD pipeline to catch security bugs early.

Penetration Testing

In-depth security assessment of your Infrastructure/Application from external threats.

Secure SDLC

Implementing secure SDLC initiatives like Threat Modelling, Code Review, Dynamic Assessment, etc..

Vulnerability Assessment

Identifying security vulnerabilities without exploiting them, unlike pentesting.

Cloud Security

Our security assessments can be extended on IaaS, PaaS and SaaS applications.

Mobile Security

Our dedicated mobile security team can aid you in writing secure applications.


Security Services & Solutions

Every company in the world wishes to be secure. We can help you.

Our trained professionals can help you to protect from the latest attacks by finding vulnerabilities before bad guys do.

Our decade of experience allowed us to design comprehensive solutions catering to customers from all industries. The unique blend of offensive and defensive methodologies further improves the effectiveness and maturity of any security program. We provide Penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, secure code review, cloud security, compliance, and risk assessment services to keep you safe from advanced attacks.


Free Tools, Software & Resources

We are the creators of DevSecOps Studio, DevSecOps Integra and many other Projects

We not only fund community projects like DevSecOps Studio but also share various tools and techniques created for security practitioners. You can explore these projects on our resources page.

How We Help

We go beyond to help our customers with not only services but also provide consulting support for bug fixes, our experts spend requisite time with you to make sure the vulnerabilities are addressed properly. Methodologies we designed help our customers in making strategic decisions to lower costs by reducing reoccurrence of security issues.

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+1 (415) 800 4768

201 Spear St #1100, San Francisco, CA 94105.

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We strive to go above and beyond to help our customers with not only quality services but also provide consulting support for bug remediation.